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The exhibition BODY WORLDS OF ANIMALS in the Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken literally turns the anatomy of animals upside down. Presented by proWIN pro nature, the exhibition provides an insight into the mysterious inner life of animals.

On an unforgettable journey of discovery, visitors encounter fascinating exhibits - from tiny mice to 6-meter elephants. An adventurous journey that reveals what makes animals live and breathe, run and swim, fly and feel.

Tickets & Prices


  • Kids under 6 years € 0,00
  • Kids & Teens € 16,00

    From 6 to 17 years inclusive

  • Discounted** € 18,00
  • Adults € 21,00

One-way ticket Mon - Fri

  • Free entrance* € 0,00
  • Kids & Teens € 12,00

    From 6 to 17 years inclusive

  • Discounted** € 14,00
  • Adults € 17,00
  • Family Mon - Fri € 46,00

    2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children

One-way ticket Sat - Sun

  • Free entrance* € 0,00
  • Kids & Teens € 14,00

    From 6 to 17 years inclusive

  • Discounted** € 16,00
  • Adults € 19,00
  • Family Sat - Sun € 52,00

    2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children

*Teachers and trainee teachers, registered accompanying persons of people with disabilities (marking B), body donors of IfP, children under 6 years, representatives of the press. The free ticket will be handed out at the box office.

**Only with valid ID: Pupils, apprentices over 18 years, students up to 30 years, FsJ/FöJ, senior citizens 65+, people with disabilities from GdB 50


Minimum booking value of 10 persons. Booking via ticket store in the Saarlandhalle. 

  • Students in class* € 10,00
  • Kids & Teens Mon - Fri € 10,00

    From 6 to 17 years inclusive

  • Kids & Teens Sat - Sun € 12,00

    From 6 to 17 years inclusive

  • Discounted** Mon - Fri € 12,00
  • Discounted** Sat - Sun € 14,00
  • Adults Mon - Fri € 14,00
  • Adults Sat - Sun € 16,00

*Students in class: Applies to general education schools, vocational schools as well as vocational schools

**Only with valid ID: Pupils, apprentices over 18 years, students up to 30 years, FsJ/FöJ, senior citizens 65+, people with disabilities from GdB 50

Opening hours

Mo - Sun 10am till 6pm. Last admission at 5 pm.




+49 681 4180181

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Guided tours for groups

Professional guides offer guided tours through the exhibition with many interesting brief information in german, french & english.

-Price per guide 75€ plus entrance fees

-Maximum group size 15 of people

-Tour duration is 60 minutes

-Languages: German, French, English

Life worlds of animals

Impressive accompanying exhibition in the form of a large-format picture gallery on the most diverse habitats across the planet.

Program & lectures

Fascinating lectures on marine biology and wildlife photography presented by the proWin pro nature foundation.

Bionic - teaching nature

Exciting info panels inform visitors about the inexhaustible possibilities and incredible engineering feats of nature.


Questions & Answers

The BODY WORLDS of Animals features a variety of fascinating specimens as well as unique full-body plastinates, including giraffe, bear, gorilla, shark, ostrich, elephant and many more.

More vivid than any reference book, the exhibition offers unique insights into the nervous system, bone structure, musculature and organs of our animal relatives.

Plastination was invented in 1977 by Dr Gunther von Hagens, a medical doctor and scientist, and has been continuously developed ever since. Plastination is a preservation method that makes it possible to stop the decomposition of the dead body and produce durable anatomical preparations for scientific and medical education.

Plastination involves removing all body fluids and soluble fats from a specimen. The next step is vacuum impregnation, where the body fluids are replaced with reactive resins and elastomers. This is followed by curing by light, heat or certain gases. This produces solid, odourless and permanently durable preparations. Here you can find more information about Technik der Plastination.

None of the animals shown in the exhibition BODY WORLDS of Animals were killed for the purpose of plastination. Most of the animals died of natural causes. They are donations from national and international zoological gardens and animal parks, some of which wish to remain anonymous. Others agree to the publication of the origin of the animals. For example, the Hanover Zoo donated the lowland gorilla „Artis“, the Neunkirch Zoo donated the elephants „Samba“ and „Chiana“ as well as a giraffe, to name but a few animals. The Institute for Plastination depends on animal donations and is basically interested in further donations. All necessary documents for the CITES-listed animals are in the possession of the Institute for Plastination.

Looking under the skin of animals and understanding the fragility of the inner life sharpens the sense for the preciousness of life, for nature and its threatened biodiversity. The exhibitions of BODY WORLDS of Animals aim to inform a wide audience about the inner life and functions of the animal body. The exhibitions aim to awaken interest in anatomy and physiology and to expand knowledge in these areas in the long term.

Prior to the initial issuance, an independent ethnics committee of distinguished theologians, ethicists, scientists, and physicians was convened and tasked with reviewing the issuance. In 2017, the results of this initial review were subjected to another expert review. The results of these reviews are available im Pressebereich of the official BODY WORLDS website.

The BODY WORLDS of animals are didactically prepared so that they are also suitable for children and not only for adult laymen and experts. The plastinates impress old and young with their size and the variety of details that are hidden in the body of animals during their life. They satisfy visitors’ natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and offer exciting answers to many questions, such as why an elephant’s trunk is so flexible, what a giraffe’s tongue does or why the muscular bear has such “bear powers”.

The BODY WORLDS of animals sensitize even the youngest visitors to the fragility of even the largest and strongest animals. Children thus naturally develop a greater appreciation for animals and more respect for the lives of all living creatures.

There is no age restriction for visiting the exhibition for children and young people accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents and teachers should decide for themselves whether the children and young people in their care are sufficiently prepared for a visit to BODY WORLDS. Information material for preparation and follow-up of the visit is available for free download on the Lehrer & Eltern page.

Written permission is required for editorial photography ad filming, which can be obtained from the exhibition press office. In most exhibitions, visitors are allowed to take some souvenir photos for purely private, non-commercial purposes and without flash. Please check on-site for current regulations. Other visitors must not be inconvenienced by taking photographs and their personal rights must not be violated. (Violations of copyright may be punishable by law.) We ask that you treat the exhibits with dignity.

Bringing dogs or other animals to the exhibition is not allowed. An exception can be made exclusively for guide dogs or assistance dogs after prior notification of the visit to the exhibition management.

There will be personal tours and group tours in three different languages (DE, FR & EN). You can book your tour at Kontakt.

The Saarlandhalle is barrier-free, also accessible from the parking lot. There is an elevator in the building, which can be used by people with walking disabilities, wheelchair users and people with strollers or other impairments.

In addition, there is a gender-neutral restroom on the first floor and two gender-specific restrooms for wheelchair users and persons with walking disabilities in the basement.

Please contact our security staff for more information.

There is a gender-neutral, barrier-free restroom with a changing table and fresh wipes on the first floor.

Please do not hesitate to contact our security staff.

We offer a free cell phone charging station in the Saarlandhalle, where you can charge your cell phones and other small electronic items.

We sell non-alcoholic cold and hot drinks on site, as well as snacks in the basement.

There is also a merchandising stand where you can buy brochures, stuffed animals and other souvenirs.

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